Flying Log

I have been a confirmed flying 'nut' since my first flight on 25 Jul 1958
and have logged every flight that I have ever made.

Highlights below - updated 17 Aug 2016


Total number of flights


Total flying time

1,262 hrs 55 mins

Total distance flown

448,137 miles

Transatlantic crossings


First flight

25 Jul 1958Avro Anson from RAF Shawbury


25 Jun 92Mach 2 - Concorde G-BOAF from New York to London


28 Nov 93London Heathrow to San Francisco (11hrs 30mins)
Different aircraft types flown82Top 3Boeing 73799
   Fokker F.2759
   Dornier 22842
Different airfields visited164Top 3Ipswich73
   London Stansted41
Different carriers59Top 3Private flying123
   Air Anglia - Air (UK)81
   British Airways49
Most exciting19 Aug 63Landing at Oakington in the bomb bay of a Varsity - 2 feet from the runway
1 Aug 78Winching up from a life-raft into a Whirlwind helicopter after 3 hours sea survival course
2 Aug 784 hours at 300 feet over the Atlantic photographing Russian trawlers from a Nimrod
3 Dec 79Air navigation via astro - Dominie from Finningley - Outer Hebrides - Norway
- with bombing run on Skegness - only missed by 2 miles!!
22 Jan 84Mami to Nassau and return via Chalk's seaplane
4 Aug 89Flying in formation with a vintage Spitfire from the left hand seat of a Puma
16 Mar 00Air-to-air refuelling from a Tristar off Kosovo - with virtually every type of
NATO fighter coming in for a fill-up
Most hair-raising21 Aug 61Varsity from RAF Lindhome - engine caught fire on take-off
 28 Aug 71Canberra from RAF Scampton - 'near miss' with a Chipmunk on an over-fly
 10 Mar 81Near miss with a Bucanneer - close by RAF Wattisham
 1 Oct 81Arhus to Ipswich in a Cessna 172 - navigation equipment
caught fire over Amsterdam and cockpit filled with smoke
 29 Oct 84Belfast to Ipswich - crashed at Ipswich airport by missing the runway